s2e11 Devils Devils and More Devils

Devils every direction The Evil Doers look! Is it time for killing or for sweet gossip with the devils?

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2 comments on “s2e11 Devils Devils and More Devils

  1. MPa says:

    What were the stats of the devils, especially Pit Fiend? Did you get them from AD&D or D&D 5e? Thanks.

    1. Josh Long says:

      Here are the stats from my notes!

      Super Hot – “Fortitude” Save or -2 to all rolls on failure

      2 X HellCat – Invisible (Disadvantage to being hit) – 8 HD – Save 12 – Effort of 2 – AC 4
      2 attacks +9 atk 1d12 dmg –

      Following the hallway come to a door on the left, right, and end

      Left – Onboard – Lots of clothes, strange flasks stuff, chairs and well lit mirrors

      4 X Bearded Devils – 6 HD – Save 12 – Effort 2 – AC 5
      2 x Claw Attacks +7 atk 1d8 dmg – On hit with claw do Free Beard Damage 1d8+2
      1 x Glaive Attack +7 1d8 dmg – Can not be healed regularly Save 12+ to prevent healing

      Right – Chill Area –

      Furniture to longue but how it is all made of ice. Maps on the wall and a bookshelf with books. Some have Dossier (Pictures with people and info in it.)

      2 X Ice Devils – 14 HD – Saves 8 – Effort 4 – AC 5 – Immune to Fire
      3 X Spear Attacks +10 1d12
      +1 Power – Slow or Ice Power (1d8 all)
      Regen 1 HD a turn
      Chil Aura – After first melee attack all others are at a disadvantage unless “fort” save

      Center – Summoning Portal – Big Unstable looking Red and Black with wisps of purple portal in the middle of arcane runes

      2 X (tag team) Pit Fiends – 18 HD – Saves 8 – Effort 6 – AC 7 –
      4 X Melee Attacks (Claws, bite, tail) +10 1d8 straight
      +1 Power – Poison, Fire, Mass Hold Monster “Will Save” (Magic)
      Regen 1 HD a turn
      [Back Up Summon Devil Mobs]

      I used d20srd.org and was going off of D&D 3.5, since I’m the most familiar with that edition.

      You can check out my GM prep archive here if you are interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EERajsLV_m4

      If you have any other questions let me know!

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