Music On – Sleigh Bells: Treats

In this segment Music On, we will highlight a band/group/person in the music industry that many would not consider “main stream” in the USA. The first group we shall take a look at is Sleigh Bells and its album Treats.

A little background on the Sleigh Bells first. Sleigh Bells consists of only two people, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss. Derek is responsible for all the instruments in most of the songs and is well-known for his guitar play and “cool” composure. Alexis Krauss is the lady behind the vocals of the group.

Many would consider Treats a ‘noise rock’ album with the opening song “Tell ‘Em”. However, there is much more to this album than just very loud music with a wide range of frequencies playing all at once.  “Rill Rill” is a prime example of Alexis’s vocals shining through with some unique instrumentation being used while not having crazy amounts of frequency bombarding the listener, as some would expect from noise rock.

Throughout the whole album different types of bass lines are used that help set the mood of the songs and contribute to some very unique compositions. Derek’s guitar rifts are a very nice addition to many of the songs. Be warned though: with the wide spectrum of frequencies used in many of the songs, some sound systems may not be able represent the songs to their fullest or may just red line.

The album’s song progression from start to finish is well done, also. Many of the songs’ tones transition well from one song to the next song and keep the listener established in the unique sounds of the Sleigh Bells. The final song of the album “Treats” caps off the album and confirms that the album itself is a treat and leaves the listener wondering what is next to come from the group.

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