Ep 2 – Evil is as Evil Does – The Blue Bull Express

What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“?

Episode two is upon us! The party members have not killed each other yet, and this recording is going up on schedule. Some would call that a success. However, the Evil Doers are about to start their first job for Skittles, the fat-ass halfling.

How do they fare? Will they succeed? Click the play button below to find out!

On a side note, you may be wondering what the map that the party received outside of customs looked like. Below is the map the players physically received. So now you all can follow along as they choose where to go!

Mauxferry – Evil is as Evil Does Location

One comment on “Ep 2 – Evil is as Evil Does – The Blue Bull Express

  1. dilonovich says:

    I am liking this series so far! Whenever I do “off the cuff” D&D sessions, I like to use the NameMage name generator, so you can avoid using NPC names like joe, jimbob, and skittles.

    By using more realistic names, it makes the world feel more real and the NPCs more real. Which in the case of an evil campaign, it makes it all the more sweeter to destory it!

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