Shootin’ the $#!7 Fridays

Shootin’ the $#!7 Fridays is an accumulation of all the random crap we’ve found throughout the internet this week, all stockpiled into one neat and tidy article. Whether new, old, or just plain ancient content, shootin’ the $#!7 has never been so easy.

Sock Dye

Sock Dye is a fairly addictive game where you’re presented with a random array of colored socks with the goal of changing them all to a singular color. Starting with the upper-left sock, you choose a color to switch to, and all like-colored, adjacent socks are changed as well. With each level completed an extra color is thrown into the mix.

Just remember: you only get 25 moves. So watch out for stragglers.

Stupid blue sock.

493 Pokemon Drawn as Anime Girls

Exactly as the title states: a (rather massive) image of nearly 500 Pokemon recreated as anime-style girls. A little obsessive and a little kinky, but it’s still a really well drawn assortment.

Click the image below to see the full-size roster.

Lots of Money Doesn’t Motivate Smart People

In this creative video lecture, it talks about motivation in people’s lives. Is money the end-all-be-all answer to get employees to do the best job possible? Is it even AN answer? And what about outside of work?

Find out some of the ‘hidden’ truths about what truly motivates us.

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  1. jidus says:

    I’m just looking for the mudkip…

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