Shootin’ the $#!7 Fridays

Dexter in 60 Seconds

Dexter is easily one of the best shows on television right now. The only problem is the writers feeling content with treading water for the seasonal plots; every season, as a season, is essentially the same. Which makes this broad stroke parody of the series hilarious no matter where you are in Dexter’s timeline.

Side note: The ‘Masuka’ is simplistically perfect.

I’m an Elephant

Most epic… battle… ever (if you’re 5)

For a lot of people my age, the now almost 20-year-old ‘fad’ that is Power Rangers really only had a couple years to get its hooks in us before our childhood moved on to bigger, better things (like girls and mopeds). So when the series took its first branding change with Zeo, I personally was already out of the loop. However, for 19 seasons and 16 different series (16?!?), the Power Rangers name has lived on, still helping to warp the minds of children today.

Last month, the latest series Samurai aired its premiere episode. For an opening battle a legion of putties (named so by me for old time’s sake) are invading Earth. Who’s going to take them down? Well… HOW ABOUT EVERY DAMN RANGER EVER!

Honestly, it looks like a unicorn vomited rainbows all over the screen.

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  1. jidus says:

    I’m just looking for the mudkip…

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