Ep 4 – Evil is as Evil Does – Bardyguards

What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“?

After the case of the chains last time, the Evil Doers have much to ponder. Or they would if it were not for other enticements, like the thieves guild connection they hoped to make. Will the Evil Doers find out more about the thieves guild, or will their own curiosity find another distraction?

Find out by clicking the play button below or by downloading it to whatever listening device you have that has electricity coursing through it!

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One comment on “Ep 4 – Evil is as Evil Does – Bardyguards

  1. tesuto 1 says:

    omg stop killing people use them to your advantage.

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