S1.5 Ep16 – Evil is as Evil Does Plays Hunter: The Reckoning Part 6

Evil is as Evil Does Podcast Hunter Reckoning Podcast

Josh, Dave, and Pooper, I mean Chris, are in trouble now with some big ol’ dogs. However, they are on the trail to solving the case in the final episode of Season 1.5! While on the case Chris decides to waste some of his resources. Josh acts like a dick. Dave helps save everyone from glowing eyes.

For those that have strong feelings about Tom Bombadil should listen to the very end of episode!

Push Play, or download, below to hear the final episode of the season!

Season two of Evil is as Evil Does will start next week! Prepare yourself for some good ol’ questionable and hilarious evil!

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Hunter: The Reckoning podcast by Evil is as Evil Does at Geekspective.com. Actual play podcast. Dungeons and Dragons podcast will continue once this series is over!

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