s2e8 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 5 – Trappio

Evil is as Evil Does Podcast Seasons 2

Having set the front of the thieves’ guild ablaze, the Evil Doers now start their journey into the heart of the thieves’ guild. Which leader will they run into first? Malanna has a hard time seeing. Brimstone gets swole and creates pulp. Azrael signs on some new followers. Nu-Ek is reminded of times past. Gerlach is excited by new toys.

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Hunter: The Reckoning podcast by Evil is as Evil Does at Geekspective.com. Actual play podcast. Dungeons and Dragons podcast will continue once this series is over!

1 comment on “s2e8 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 5 – Trappio

  1. LazyMonkey says:

    Better initiate doppleganger protocols evildoers!

    One of you may have already been replaced by the thief of disguise. It is Nu-Ek! Letting somebody else do all the killing…

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