s2e38 St Prothadius Part 10 – Escape the Kraken

Evil is as Evil Does Podcast Seasons 2

What happens when a dimension collapses down upon you? You and The Evil Doers will find out in the finale of the St. Prothadius arc!

Push Play, or download, below to hear the end of the H.M.S. Kraken!

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Hunter: The Reckoning podcast by Evil is as Evil Does at Geekspective.com. Actual play podcast. Dungeons and Dragons podcast will continue once this series is over!

2 comments on “s2e38 St Prothadius Part 10 – Escape the Kraken

  1. Des says:

    Great stuff guys. Amazing run of episodes 🙂

    1. Josh Long says:

      Thanks, glad you are enjoying it! There is more great content to come!

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