F6 1981 DnD Basic – Permanent Failure

Evil is as Evil Does Podcast Seasons 2

Having lost a party member we go deeper into the dungeon and experience failure that one can not overcome! 

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2 comments on “F6 1981 DnD Basic – Permanent Failure

  1. Danny says:

    I am new to the show and I have only listened to the 3 eps for this game, which I really enjoyed. It’s a shame you aren’t going to finish it, I am not sure you really gave it much of a chance. You need to remember that these early games, while they have a lot of arbitrary rules, are early evolutions away from boards games and miniatures games, allowing for more flexibility and imagination.

    Better prep might have helped. At one stage there is an irrelevant discussion over which type of weapons does 2d4 of damage. Based on what was said during the podcast the entry read “2-8 OR by weapon”, which would mean the 2-8 is the Gnoll’s damage when not using a weapon

    That said, I enjoyed listening and I am going to have a listen to more of your stuff

    1. Josh Long says:

      That’s great to hear!
      We kept on going back and forth after the recording on if we should keep on playing or not and well Evil beckoned us.
      You are totally correct about it being an early game. That is one reason we played it so we can see how far game dev has come.

      I agree a bit more prep would have helped. We really leaned on John to run the game as none of us read anything prior really.

      Glad you enjoyed it. If you are interested in our non-filler stuff you should start somewhere in season 2~

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