s1e00 Blades in the Dark Character Creation

Before the first season of Tales From Mauxferry can truly begin everyone must create their characters! If character creation is not your thing check out episode one of Geekspective’s newest podcast Tales From Mauxferry!

Push play or download below to hear the creation of scoundrels.

2 comments on “s1e00 Blades in the Dark Character Creation

  1. Darryl Holiday says:

    Did you guys have a season before this? You do a lot of referencing pre-existing stuff that’s unfamiliar. From what I can tell you keep to the world and create new characters and go through the world again after the changes made in the last season to it? Anyways, I’d like to hear more about what happened before season 1.

    1. Josh Long says:

      We are playing in the world we created from the podcast series Evil is as Evil Does, which was a D&D 3.5 campaign. (I would suggest listening to season 2. Season 1 is reaaaally rough.) The series stopped so we could play other games and thus Tales From Mauxferry started.

      At the end of Evil is Evil Does the evil doers time skipped 20 years. So we decided to play play other games/campaigns in that 20 years for every odd season of Tales From Mauxferry. On the even seasons we will go back to the “present” and play the evil doers. (Season 2 which is airing now we are playing Godbound since D&D 3.5 got to cumbersome at very high level.)

      Hope that makes sense!

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