16 – Crystal Caper – MetaWarriors Pt. 2

It’s part 2 of the Crystal Caper one shot. The MetaWarriors made it to the moon and need to stop the evil space queen Astrid from doing…something…with…crystals? Will Amber’s players get it together and focus? *shakes magic 8 ball* Outlook not so good.

The MetaWarriors are: Chris as Jade; Brandon as Ruby; Brother John as Pyrite; and Kristin as Sapphire.

Crystal Caper is a hack of Honey Heist by Meghan Dornbrock. Please check out Meghan’s other cool projects she works on, like comics and podcasts, at meglish.com.

Push play or download to hear distrust of doors.

2 comments on “16 – Crystal Caper – MetaWarriors Pt. 2

  1. Simon Y. says:

    I certainly wouldn’t place much blame on any lack of GM skills for this not going well. By necessity a lot of these super short one-page/one-shots like this, or Honey Heist, or Lasers and Feelings offload a lot of the worldbuilding onto the GM and players. And this tends to heavily rely on people falling back on the established genre tropes to establish tone and fill in descriptive gaps. “Oh, of course those are honorbound bumpy headed warrior aliens.” or “Aha, a laser grid based security trap, I know what to do with this now.” And do well when they revel in their own silliness.

    I think in this case the mechanics were working against everyone a bit because in trait shifting games, there generally should be ways to solve problems without shifting yourself directly into oblivion(maybe if the flashbacks could go either way depending on description). Because there are games out there that do it successfully, Masks and Saga of the Icelanders come to mind, and focus on the bonds between characters to build up backstory like you were trying to do for a bit there buttt they also need more than a single page of rules to do so.

    1. Amber Marie says:

      Hi Simon! Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Yeah, I think we had a weird combo of me with a lack of improv skills required to “flesh out” a one-shot like this, 2 people fairly new to role playing, and us trying to force a one page game to be more than it should. XD. Whoops!

      I should have just focused on being silly and had the loosest of plot lines ever but I felt I was pushing too much into it.

      After running Monsterhearts 2, I could feel the lack of character involvement here. Oh well! Live and learn! 😀

      I’ll check out Masks and Saga of the Icelanders. 🙂

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