Geekspective creates podcasts, plays RPGs, and shares insights and experiences. 

In 2009ish, Josh decided to create some sort of geek-centered blogging site where we would do streaming, podcasts, and maybe the odd game review. Well, he did, but it was only in the last couple of years (2016) that he could get people to take it seriously.



Josh learned harsh lessons early on in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Josh learned that there is predator, and there is prey. There is nothing in between. As a young man, he rose to prominence as a pit fighter in the underground clubs in Bangkok. Retiring after a particularly brutal loss in the Kumite finals of 1938, he has dedicated himself to making high quality podcasts.

You can find Josh on twitter @EvilDMJosh or @Tales_Mauxferry.



No one knows quite when Amber was born, but she hails from up yonder with the North Wind. When she was just a babe, it got so gosh darned cold that it froze her straight into a block of ice, bassinet and all. Amber had to wait for the spring to thaw a’fore she could move again. One day, Amber decided to cut down the biggest spruce tree in all the land. Why, she got to whittlin’ on that that trunk and didn’t stop until she whittled up the finest podcast that anyone had ever seen.

You can find Amber on twitter @rocketorca or @shapeshiftcast or @tabletopbabble.



Dave is a good bear. He wears the vest and the fez, and even the large novelty glasses sometimes. He rides the bicycle and the crowd cheers. The children, who stink of sugar, laugh and point. Dave does not bite when he is handled rough and made to sleep in the small box. Most humiliating of all, he is forced to make podcasts for Someday he will strike out. Someday he will slaughter them all, and their cries will echo into the hillsides. But for today, Dave is a good bear. Keep laughing at the good bear.

You can’t find Dave online. Jk, he’s on twitter @steadyminotaur or @bringingowls.