Amber Marie

Magical Rube Goldberg

This episode features cookie clicker card games, Amber’s salty tears, our favorite cards from Throne of Eldraine, and hot takes on German board games.


Kristin is joined by Amber, Brandon, Sarah, and Will to discuss why we effing love this dumb idiot movie. That’s really all you need to know.

Armageddon Sick of You

This episode features the triumphant return of Troy, a Cube draft, mass land destruction, Fergy references, and an unhealthy number of loyalty counters. 

Old Man Kenny

This episode features good-natured griping, dubious flavor text, overpowered legendary beasts, and Kenny shouting at young people from his rocking chair.

The Blair Witch Project

It’s a full house as Kristin is joined by Amber, Brandon, Gary, Sarah, and Will to discuss social media, Cannibal Holocaust, and spooks in the woods.

Thirst and Greed

With Amber missing without a trace, friend of the show, friend of Kenny, friend of man and beast alike, the inimitable Troy has arrived to do a Cube draft!

Spark You Later

This episode features goblin rat kings, midichlorian power scouters, doing shots of “spark juice,” Italian Garruk, and some real fucking talk.