Amber Marie

02 – Damn the Man – Strange Dark Children

Damn the Man continues with a brief explanation of the mechanics and the playing out of the Opening Scene. Can Soren, Chip, Emmy-chan, and Roscoe focus on their tasks without causing any unwanted attention?

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01 – Damn the Man – Into the Dunes

Amber runs a playtest of Damn the Man, Save the Music by Hannah Shaffer for her friends Josh, Brandon, Kristin, and Dave. DTM started out as an Empire Records inspired hack of Hannah’s other game Questlandia but it has now become it’s own roleplaying game! This episode focuses on the creation of the store employees who help run Revolution Records. You also get to meet the Boss and Big Shot who will either contribute to or ease the tension in the store.

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0 – Alan and the Little Slime Boy

Ahhh! It’s here! It’s starting! Well…almost. It’s the pre-podcast intro episode! Amber explains the premise of Shapeshift and what’s in store for the future! She also throws in a 5-minute rpg.

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