Amber Marie

28 – One Weird Trick They Don’t Want You To Know

This week Amber and Dave dig into deceptive videos, conspiracy theories, and the downfall of critical thinking. Also, Amber contemplates life inside a small animal pen and eventually gets breakfast. Push play or download and learn the secret to perfect strawberry cream frosting!

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Really Thick Fucking Calves | Magic Chat

This episode is a beautiful embodiment of Crime and Punishment. Today Amber and Kenny were supposed to pick 3 of the worst mechanics or keywords of all time. Someone did not come prepared (bonus points if you can guess who!). But not to worry, dear listener. This vile fiend was then served instant justice with an MTG vocab quiz.

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224 – Morgan

Today on the show Amber talks with podcaster, streamer, and writer Morgan who is an incredibly sweet hype machine! They sat down on April 3rd and talked safety tools, their shared love of the Powered by the Apocalypse game Monsterhearts, their podcast Powered by the Players that highlights PBTA games and BIMPOC, as well as all the amazing work they’ve been doing for Huetopia, such as the show Game at a Glance.

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95 – Book of Summer – Too Gross for Comfort

Was Oscarton Amber’s way of creating a rundown pitstop-esque motel into an entire city? Did she also get inspiration from The Oscars? Who’s to say.

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27 – Buttermilk Sea Shanties

This week, Amber and Dave have show and tell. Amber shows Dave the Tik Tok sea shanty phenomenon. Dave disturbingly shows Amber a dairy cookbook from 1954. It, uh, a lot. 

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223 – Kenny of Geekspective

Today on the show, Amber interviews co co host of Table Top Babble, the Blue Mage of Red Mage Blue Mage, and Geekspective’s best and most favorite intern, Kenny! 

On March 30th Amber and Kenny chatted about his gaming history, game writing, death trap dungeons and they did some reminiscing together!

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Ignite Your AllSpark | Magic Chat

Join us as we look forward to MTG’s take on the wizard school archetype with the upcoming set, Strixhaven. This episode features irrational hatred of elephants, discussion of terminology changes, and debate about Optimus Prime.

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By the Book – Cube Trilogy 5.3 | Cube Draft Gameplay

It’s the last episode of the trilogy. Matt Vs Veronica. Husband Vs Wife. Tensions are high. Rations are low. Pride is on the line and massive edits are made. Tune in for the most charged Combat Phase to date!

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222 – Mariam – Huetopia

Today on the show Amber talks with writer, podcaster, and streamer Mariam who is the caretaker of @HuetopiaTV a TTRPG streaming channel hosted by BIMPOC, for BIMPOC! 

They sat down on March 13th and chatted about starting out in DnD, GMing at conventions, the writing they’ve been doing especially in world building and settings, and of course Huetopia and all the wonderful shows the channel is hosting.

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