Amber Marie

04 – Curls for Girls

Dave wants to be the wheelman. Amber meets a lot of NPCs in the real world. They discuss how to get rid of unwanted deer legs.
Pellets of Wisdom: Sawyer’s Mom Keeps Forgetting His Name.

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25 – Book of Spring – Bluefield

The party reaches their destination and turns in their quest! Jake signs up to bake pies for a pie eating contest. Babou becomes a winker. Arthur and Colleen explain the possibility of taking more than one bath a day to Babou.

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24 – Book of Spring – Rosewater Woods

Onward to Bluefield! Jack becomes Jake the Good Boy. Babou sings an inspirational tune. Colleen gives Jake a lift. Arthur dips his sword in lacquer.

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01 – Recipe for Failure

Dave and Amber used to get lunch and crack each other up. Now, they record those same amusing, insightful, and sometimes inappropriate conversations and invite you to share in their ridiculousness.
Dave tries to explain how good he is at catfishing. Amber has cold feet, literally. A recipe is shared that enrages them both.

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23 – Book of Spring – Leaving Dragonsong

The Ryuutama campaign is underway!

Babou, Arthur, Colleen, and Jack discuss potential places to see and head out of Dragonsong, the capital of Loam.

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22 – Ryuutama – Session 0 Pt. 2

Baby’s first campaign! Amber ran quite a few one shots and it’s time. It’s time to spread those wings!

Ryuutama is the system of choice and the players are: Brandon, Brother John, Chris, and Kristin.

Session 0 pt 2 focuses on world creation (and well we can’t help but to continue to talk about characters).

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