Amber Marie

06 – There’s a Sandpiper in My Butt and He is Handsome

In what is probably the most NSFW episode yet, Amber prepares for a vegan brunch experience. Dave learns about Chuck Tingle. They make up (not so great) double entendre names for beach houses. Pellets of Wisdom: Lucky Pete is haunted.

Ryuutama Character and Journey Rules Sheet Redesign

Hello all! I mention in the early episodes of the ongoing Ryuutama campaign that I redesigned some handouts and the character sheets for my players.

I design, write, and illustrate instruction manuals for my day job and I can’t help but pick at redesigning character sheets for RPGs when I get invested in them. I could go on and on and on about how well-planned and aesthetically pleasing page design can drastically increase accessibility and ease of use in games, BUT! that will be for another time.

For now, you get these: a Ryuutama Character Sheet and the Journey Rules Sheet I made purely out of fun because I love this game so much.

Below there are links for you to download the pdfs. Let me know if you use them! That would be cool to know about 😀 Best place to do so would be on twitter @rocketorca or @shapeshiftcast.

The white space in between the XP and LVL is for Character Name, the top left white space is for players to draw their characters, and the little squares on the bottom right of the stat boxes is for when they get a temp die increase for a 10+ Condition.

Thanks for listening!

Ryuutama Journey Rules_rocketorca Redesign

Ryuutama Character Sheet_rocketorca Redesign.

05 – How Many Times Do You Google

Dave thinks the internet is cool and Googles at least 4-5 times a day. Amber berates Dave for not knowing how to segue and gets high off a smoothie. They discuss ridiculous names and what kinds of professions get the most hugs.
Pellets of Wisdom: Aim for the Stars, Bertie.

04 – Curls for Girls

Dave wants to be the wheelman. Amber meets a lot of NPCs in the real world. They discuss how to get rid of unwanted deer legs.
Pellets of Wisdom: Sawyer’s Mom Keeps Forgetting His Name.

25 – Book of Spring – Bluefield

The party reaches their destination and turns in their quest! Jake signs up to bake pies for a pie eating contest. Babou becomes a winker. Arthur and Colleen explain the possibility of taking more than one bath a day to Babou.