Evil is as Evil Does Season 1

The original first season of Evil is as Evil Does.

Poor audio quality, questionable content, all evil.

If you found this sorry, Season 2 and Tales From Mauxferry are much better.

Ep 165 – Evil is as Evil Does – A Fragile Mental State

Nu-Ek having finally found embraced religion can hopefully show the rest of The Evil Doers the way. However, now may not be the time seeing as The Evil Doers still need to get out of the Time Tinkerer’s Guild.

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Ep 161 – Evil is as Evil Does – Why did the Girl Sit on the Clock

Overcoming the stupid gnomes’ puzzle The Evil Doers are continuing deeper into the Time Tinkerer’s Guild, but luckily not alone. With the full party together they will go down the dark tunnel to figure out why did the girl sit on the clock…

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