Geekspective Presents

The Blair Witch Project

It’s a full house as Kristin is joined by Amber, Brandon, Gary, Sarah, and Will to discuss social media, Cannibal Holocaust, and spooks in the woods.

Thirst and Greed

With Amber missing without a trace, friend of the show, friend of Kenny, friend of man and beast alike, the inimitable Troy has arrived to do a Cube draft!

Take Two: The Mummy

Kristin belligerently continues pronouncing it FRAY-zer as she and Sarah discuss character actors, anthropology, and bad whiskey.

CW: This episode mentions sexual assault.
CW: This episode mentions sexual assault.

Spark You Later

This episode features goblin rat kings, midichlorian power scouters, doing shots of “spark juice,” Italian Garruk, and some real fucking talk.

Stir of Echoes

For our first Halloween episode, Kristin and Sarah discuss mummies, toxic bros, and orange juice.

CW: This episode mentions suicide and sexual assault.

Table Talk Session 2

After a long stream what better way to spend some time winding down and just talking about the game, horror, and especially anime. 


This episode features silver-bordered Magic, continued misunderstandings of lists, Amber’s brain breaking on air, and designing the Leyline of Uno.