Geekspective Presents

Ep 63 – Evil is as Evil Does – Phylactery Fix

How will the Evil Doers over come the double insanity. Perhaps they need some outside help, or maybe a hint or two can lead one of the Evil Doers to figure out what to do.

Ep 62 – Evil is as Evil Does – Double Insanity

The Evil Doers are in it deep now. Who would have thought a stone statue and a stupid jeweler’s vault would cause so much insanity? Will the insanity be the ending of one of them?

Ep 60 – Evil is as Evil Does – Flamberge Layer

With Nu-Ek being victorious, and the rest of the Evil Doers getting their tasks done, what will they do now? Perhaps inspecting flamberge layers and sprunts are in order.

Ep 59 – Evil is as Evil Does – Nu-Ek The Mighty Minotaur

Now that the Evil Does, specifically Nu-Ek, has had a tour of the colosseum district what will they do now? Perhaps the will go talk to evil outsiders or do battle in a colosseum…

Ep 58 – Evil is as Evil Does – Colosseum Tours

With Gerlach unable to find the love of his life what will the Evil Doers do now besides play mubley-peg? Perhaps a tour of the Colosseum district will peak their interest, or maybe there will just be business guns flying everywhere.