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Ep 58 – Evil is as Evil Does – Colosseum Tours

With Gerlach unable to find the love of his life what will the Evil Doers do now besides play mubley-peg? Perhaps a tour of the Colosseum district will peak their interest, or maybe there will just be business guns flying everywhere.

Ep 54 – Evil is as Evil Does – Pirates Versus Ninja

Gerlach, Gerlach, Gerlach, he thinks he is a doctor now prescribing amnesia. However, I’m not sure the rest of the Evil Doers would be comfortable letting Gerlach be their doctor. It seems that the Evil Doers are looking to get on a boat and kill the Salty Bitch now.

Ep 52 – Evil is as Evil Does – A Voice in the Dark

Having just killed a captain guard and set a church of Pelor on fire it seems that the Evil Doers are in it deep now. So deep that they are in some kind of catacombs. What will they find amongst the dead?

Ep 50 – Evil is as Evil Does – Shrim

The Evil Doers are dancing with the coppers now. What will they do? I have no idea, perhaps they will enjoy some shrim while they think on what to do.