Geekspective Presents

Ep 26 – Evil is as Evil Does – Black Stone Venture

The Evil Doers are in it deep now. With the promise of power and treasure, our companions have spent a fair amount of gold on a rock purchased from a complete stranger. Will the Evil Doers get what they bargained for, or will it all be in vain? … And probably death. Vain and death.

Ep 25 – Evil is as Evil Does – Cat a Combs

The Evil Doers must have not felt safe, seeing as they are now trying to setup a new base of operation. However, traps seem to elude Gerlach at almost every intersection of interest. Hopefully, the Evil Doers will keep on running into vermin and not as many traps so they can call the place home in a timely manner.

Ep 24 – Evil is as Evil Does – Spider Meat

The Evil Doers are truly evil, breaking the rules and all. However, the sacrifice Gerlach chose for the Evil Doers seems like a fair trade. They must now figure out what to do at their food pantry. Perhaps they will feed the poor, try to convert some people to be followers of Hextor, or maybe find a new source of food.

Sp 1 – Evil is as Evil Does – 2011 Gen Con Interview

Gen Con is happening right now! No time for small talk; there are thousands of games to go play! The following is a special interview with the DM and the Evil Doers about how the DM ticks and much more!

Ep 23 – Evil is as Evil Does – Dwarves and Badgers

The Evil Doers did a pretty horrible job getting that meat. Hopefully they can move onto growing their establishments and rule. Or perhaps they can break part of the game and their progress in one fell swoop.

Ep 22 – Evil is as Evil Does – Donkey Burger

With success in site, the Evil Doers will probably move their gaze onto grander things and bigger aspirations. Or they may possibly just fantasize about donkeys and food.

Ep 21 – Evil is as Evil Does – Baby Green Dragon

There is one key element to the whole Dungeons and Dragons game that has yet to be used; it starts with a “D”, ends with “RAGON”, and probably won’t be all that cordial tonight!

Ep 20 – Evil is as Evil Does – Skittles

Long live the Butter Queen! Meanwhile across town there are halflings dieing from smoke inhalation and a big sharp ax. However, the big prize halfling has yet to show him self… Will the the Evil Doers get their halfling or is there more than meets the eye?

Ep 19 – Evil is as Evil Does – Paula Deen

Ew, cat food hopefully is not made that way in real life. The Evil Doers accomplished what they came to do initially; they just had to dispose of the rest of the aristocats to do so. Now with all the loot taken care of, the Evil Doers can move onto grander things or maybe just get sidetracked and run into an old acquaintance.

Ep 18 – Evil is as Evil Does – Cat Food Recipe

The Evil Doers defeated the bad, old wizard/sorcerer family it seems, and they only lost one party member! However, they have not yet found what they have been looking for. Perhaps the lady behind the glass casing will help them out with a little convincing.