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Ep 108 – Evil is as Evil Does Evil – Bo-at Town

Now that the Evil Doers have lost many things of theirs what will they do now? Perhaps they will go shopping to replace what they have lost and visit good ol’ Bo-at Town.

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Ep 105 – Evil is as Evil Does Evil – Unexpected Visitors

With the Evil Doers victorious, and in possession of a rare holy artifact ,what will they now? Perhaps investigate and identify their treasure or be interrupted by some unexpected visitors.

Note the first half of the episode is slow due to shopping etc. but the second half is a doozy.

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Ep 101 – Evil is as Evil Does Evil – Vampire Deals

With the 100th episode out the way and the nunjas taken care of what will The Evil Doers do now? Perhaps spend some gold, chat up some assassins, and do some deals with vampires!

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Ep 100 – Evil is as Evil Does Evil – Nunjas

Well it seems that Evil never stops, even at one hundred episodes now! Will The Evil Doers be able to pull off framing Maximilliano and destroy a convent full of nuns?

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