Geekspective Presents

Ep 38 – Evil is as Evil Does – A Note for Gnomes

The Evil Doers pulled a fast one over on that potion seller. However, their interest in Trent does not seem to be going away. Perhaps they will make a discovery of where he is, or maybe they will just run into something completely unexpected.

Ep 37 – Evil is as Evil Does – Barrels

The Evil Doers seem to be on a path to get Trent, with a few sidetracks getting in their way. It always seems like there is something else to do in Mauxferry though, like transport things in perhaps barrels if someone so desired.

Ep 36 – Evil is as Evil Does – Acquire Hot Dog

A group that kills together is evil together? It would seem that is at least the case for the Evil Doers. However, now that some blood letting is out of way, perhaps they will go explore more of Mauxferry for once.

Ep 33 – Evil is as Evil Does – Good Day to You Sir

Now that the Evil Doers have finally gotten the shopping bug over with, perhaps they will continue on with whatever they were doing before the whole Pelor and dragon thing.

Ep 32 – Evil is as Evil Does – A Night at the Pawn Shop

With good vanquished and bags full of loot, what else is there to do but shop? While the Evil Doers may be out for gold and prized possessions, sometimes words and knowledge are just as good.

Ep 29 – Evil is as Evil Does – A Golden Reveal

The Evil Doers are deep into a weird golden honeycomb maze now. Having experienced a horrible ghost encounter, what more can the Evil Doers expect from the gold next?