Red Mage Blue Mage

Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Magic for Babies

his episode features dubious choices, shame, weird card frames, and Magic for babies.

Join us every week for new episodes! And go check out Magic Junior, a fan-designed Magic game for small children at!

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Show and Tell

In this episode, Amber and Kenny each bring a Magic-related article to share and discuss! Prepare yourself for blatant unpreparedness for class, Secret Lairs, and the power of communication.

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Cube Trilogy III: Ulaslog

In the ultimate conclusion of the epic saga of the Cube Trilogy, the final fate of our players is decided. Going into the final fight, Amber’s match record is 1-1, Echo is 0-1, and Kenny is 1-0. In the final battle, will Kenny be able to claim ultimate victory? Or will Echo mount the comeback to force the 3-way tie?

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Cube Trilogy II: The One Where Amber Cheats

The second installment of the thrilling trilogy of Cube Draft matches features Amber vs. Kenny, the Tennis Racket Effect, vandalism, fucking ABYSSMAL puns, and copious cheating.

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Extra Turn: Worldstriders™

The long-awaited return of our occasional bonus minisode, Extra Turns! Between the start of Theros spoiler season and the announcement of a Magic MMO(??!), we couldn’t let our thoughts sit in our episode queue for a month.

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Spoiling Spoilers

This episode features dirty filthy leakers, an Amber high school story, the tit-beast from Last Jedi, and the END OF PLANESWALKERS??

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Cube Trilogy I: Get Cackled

This episode is the first in a thrilling trilogy ( a “Thrillogy”) in which Amber, Kenny, and returning guest Echo do a 3-person Cube draft, with each episode featuring a 1v1 best of 3 games match. Part I is Amber vs. Echo, and it features a mythic common one-drop, Hermald Kothman, and Fresca so wet you can’t even drink it.

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Drop the Banhammer?

This episode features commander deck revisions, Nicol Bolas voice acting, a discussion of bans and playtesting, and the creation of “Dump Tokens.”

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Admiral’s Feast

This episode features the return of @cartersa87, self-replication, a mountain of fried seafood, and sweet delicious value. Join us every week for more Peter Gabriel karaoke!   Follow us on twitter @RedBlueMTG! You can find Amber @rocketorca and Kenny @Volfmyr. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify to keep up with the latest episodes!   Music Credits…

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