Table Top Babble

A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.

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200 – Amber, Kenny, and John

It’s James Introcaso’s final show as the host! He sits down with Amber, Kenny, and John of Geekspective to discuss their plans for the future of Table Top Babble.

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199 – Rudy Basso

James Introcaso chats with Rudy Basso, the co-founder of DSPN, audio editor, professional GM, and game designer.

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196 – Into the Mother Lands

James Introcaso sits down with Tanya DePass and B. Dave Walters to discuss the new game and stream of Into the Mother Lands.

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194 – J. Gray

James Introcaso chats with J. Gray of R. Talsorian Games! Support the show:

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193 – Joshua Mendenhall

James Introcaso chats with Joshua Mendenhall about making games! Support the show:

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192 – Makenzie De Armas

James Introcaso chats with game designer Makenzie De Armas about making TTRPGs! Support the show:

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