Red Mage Blue Mage

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Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Sword Horse

Today we’re talking about Amber’s experience with Jumpstart, Kenny’s Cube updates, and our personal top 3 favorite banned cards!

Multiplayer Commander Finale: Overwatch Edition

This is it! The final episode of the series! Believe it or not, after countless board wipes and betrayals, this game actually has a winner. This episode features stanky looks, British alt rock band EMF, and more Thieving Amalgams than you can shake a stick at.

Extra Turn: The Walking Dud

Everyone in the multiverse has weighed in on WotC’s latest corporate bowel movement, Secret Lair x The Walking Dead, and we wanted to give our two cents. More importantly, we wanted to introduce our own unique angles on the discussion, untangle the aftermath, and project into the future of products in this vein.

Insider Trading Card Game

It’s a Show and Tell episode, which means both Amber and Kenny are bringing some MTG content to discuss. Amber selected Wired’s “The Stockbrokers of Magic” while Kenny went with Mark Rosewater’s “The Future of Magic.” This episode features unscrupulous Magic financiers, Horned Triceratrons, new card frames, Goatse, and Peter Pan as a Magic card.

Multiplayer Commander Part III: Divorce Priest

Part III of our epic saga sees life totals finally, finally start to dwindle. There is light at the end of this alliance-breaking, board-wiping tunnel. This episode features morph synergy, ninjas, anime betrayal, and credible threats of divorce.

Zlambow, Thicc Eldrazi Titan

Today we are creating, live and on the fly, a Magic story based entirely on suggestions from fans, and basically we wound up creating something akin to a TNG episode. This show features corn dog talk, planesbreakdancing, alien abduction, and Tony Shalhoub.

Multiplayer Commander Part II: Pinky Swear

It’s part II of our epic 3-person Commander game! Place your bets now on how many 45-minute episodes the full series will take. This episode features double-crosses, triple-crosses, reckless spite (literally), beebles, and the end of a family.

Extra Turn: Candy for Breakfast

NEWS! There’s just so much NEWS. So much NEWS all the TIME. We’ve got Zendikar Rising spoilers, trailers, 5 brand new set announcements, and Modern Horizons 2. This episode features an abundance of spoilers, coffee talk, and endless wild speculation.

The Magic “Story”

Amber and Kenny discuss the current sad state of the MTG storyline and what they would do to tell a compelling story through the medium of Magic. This episode features monster bonding, big booty turtles, Gilmore Girls, and corporate storytelling.