Red Mage Blue Mage

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Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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WotC, Please Listen to Ryan Normandin

Today we discuss a truly excellent article by @RyanNormandin about how Magic went from banning one or two cards from Standard every 5 years to banning 20+ in the last three—and what they can do to right the ship. This episode features anime theme songs, design talk, Starcraft, and actual research, and some random first impressions of M21 cards (we record far in advance).

A Game of Asterisks

The day has come for the closing chapter of our latest Cube Draft saga! The evil Kenny looks to clinch the title wielding his usual counterspell dense bullshit, while Veronica looks to unite the goblin tribes and bring balance back to the world (aka make it a three way tie).


This episode features 3 big news stories (from awhile back), birdists, the halflife of memes, and a look into the shady underworld of professional Magic.

For the Wolf

The second match in our latest Cube Draft Trilogy pits the current leader Matt against Kenny’s as-yet untested deck. This episode features passing turns with mana up, all the wolves, and the most terrifying esports interviewer you will ever listen to.

The Surprising Truth About Dolphins

Hey y’all we lost some audio so we had to rip it from the Twitch stream. So if you are an obsessive audiophile—beware. But! This episode features hot turnip prices, frothing rants, a Mario analogy, and our Top 3 Lists of Cards That Piss Us Off [but not for power level reasons].

The Unfortunate Side Effect of Butt Chugging

It’s the beginning of a brand new Cube Draft Trilogy, starring Kenny, Veronica, and Matt! This episode features the worst way to consume alcohol, sphinx boobs, esports commentary, and lots and lots of cats.

The First Stream!

We’re streaming our recordings and you should join us! This was our first livestreamed recording and you can join us at on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern! This episode features behemoths, disappointment over the lack of nonhumanoid planeswalkers, and the victorious finale of the #BringBrushwaggBack campaign.

Extra Turn: Companion Rules Changes

Coming at you hot with special guest Josh (@EvilDMJosh) to discuss the latest (at time of recording anyway har har) bans from Standard. Fires and Agent are banned, and Companions got a clunky ass rules change. We discuss a bit about what this will do to Standard and just what the actual eff Wizards is up to these days.

Good Grief

Today Kenny is joined by Geekspective mogul and consummate weeb @EvilDMJosh for a Cube Draft! This episode features anime villains, ticking clocks, sports commentary, and hate. Lots of hate.