Red Mage Blue Mage

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Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Recapturing the Magic

This episode features a golden cornucopia of Modern Horizon booster packs, MYTHIC rare pulls, Dragonball Z, ninjas, and Emperor Palpatine.

Double Dragons III: Jacked Grandma

This episode features real actual audio of Amber eating eggs, sensual head biting, ten dollar words, and MAD SPOILERS for Rise of Skywalker. Join us every week for more bastardizations of a rich sweeping fantasy narrative!

Double Dragons II: The Tablet Speaketh

This episode features the premiere of Grandma Dragonclaw, the voice of a stone tablet, and more eggs than you can shake a stick at.
Join us every week for more masterclasses in voice acting!

Double Dragons I: 2000 Dragons

In today’s episode, we’re switching it up with a dramatic reading and analysis of official Magic: The Gathering fiction. We’re looking at Kate Elliott’s short story “Chronicle of Bolas: The Twins.” This episode features cold vagina tombs, frozen goblin dinner, and dialogue from the Star Wars prequels!

Magic for Babies

his episode features dubious choices, shame, weird card frames, and Magic for babies.

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Show and Tell

In this episode, Amber and Kenny each bring a Magic-related article to share and discuss! Prepare yourself for blatant unpreparedness for class, Secret Lairs, and the power of communication.

Cube Trilogy III: Ulaslog

In the ultimate conclusion of the epic saga of the Cube Trilogy, the final fate of our players is decided. Going into the final fight, Amber’s match record is 1-1, Echo is 0-1, and Kenny is 1-0. In the final battle, will Kenny be able to claim ultimate victory? Or will Echo mount the comeback to force the 3-way tie?

Cube Trilogy II: The One Where Amber Cheats

The second installment of the thrilling trilogy of Cube Draft matches features Amber vs. Kenny, the Tennis Racket Effect, vandalism, fucking ABYSSMAL puns, and copious cheating.