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A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.

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213 – Amber of Geekspective

Today on the show Kenny interviews our very own Amber! Amber is (of course) the host of this very show, but she also hosts Shapeshift, a podcast chronicling her journey from player to GM. They discussed that journey, as well as the lessons she’s learned about building worlds and creating characters.

212 – Andrew Gillis

Today on the show Amber talked with Game Designer Andrew Gillis. Andrew’s game Girl by Moonlight, is another one of Amber’s to-be-released most anticipated games. We sat down on December 30th and talked extensively about Girl by Moonlight, how it came to be, the goal of the game, the choice of system and the themes in the Magical Girl genre and how it can resonate with a lot of people.

211 – Jay Dragon

Today on the show Amber talked with lyrical RPG writer and director of Possum Creek Games, Jay Dragon. Jay ran a very successful Kickstarter last year for a game called Wanderhome, which is one of Amber’s most anticipated games to come out in 2021. Amber and Jay sat down on December 28th and talked about the inception of Wanderhome, Jay’s approach to writing, and the theme of Care in Jay’s games.

210 – Banana Chan

Today on the show Amber talked with Tabletop Game Designer, Storyteller, and Owner and Co-Founder of Game and a Curry, Banana Chan. They sat down on December 24th and looked back at Banana’s 2020 year of game announcements, talked about different ways to publish games and the benefits, representation in games, and term called emancipatory bleed.

209 – Clio Yun-su Davis

Today on the show Amber talked with Game Designer, Writer, and Cultural Consultant Clio Yun-su Davis. She’s had the pleasure of running a game for Clio before as well as playing with them and was really happy to learn more about what else they do in TTRPGs! They sat down on December 21st and chatted about LARP, the idea of Playing to Lose, and cultural consultation.

208 – Brennan Lee Mulligan

Today on the show Amber talked with Game Master and Comedian Brennan Lee Mulligan. He gave Amber advice about running D&D, shared what it’s like to GM a high production game for a show and his 3 proudest GM moments. 

207 – Steve Kenson

Today on the show John talks with Steve Kenson, an incredibly prolific game designer, writer and novelist.

After getting his start writing for RPGs in the ‘90s as a fan on Shadowrun, Steve has gone on to work on a slew of superhero RPGs, including writing for Aberrant and Silver Age Sentinels, and creating Mutants & Masterminds, DC Adventures and Icons Superhero Roleplaying.

206 – Masood Haque

Today on the show Amber chats with Game Master, Role Player, and Comedian, Masood Haque. They discuss the history of improv, his background in comedy and RPGs, and his experience bridging improv & rpgs which is a skill that that will come in handy for a future they predict.

205 – Kristin Devine

Today on the show Amber talked with Game Designer, Writer, and Podcaster Kristin Devine who is an absolute delight! They sat down and discussed how she went from homebrewing games to designing and writing for games, and learning the ins and outs of podcast editing!