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A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.

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034 – Words and Art

James Introcaso chats with James Haeck, EN5ider editor, and Michael McCarthy, EN5ider art director, chat about what it’s like to create RPG products.

033 – The Forgotten Realms

James Introcaso chats with Max from Reading the Realms, Jeff Greiner from the Tome Show, and Ginny Loveday about the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.

032 – One-Player, One-GM Games

James Introcaso sits down with Party of One Podcast host, Jeff Stormer, to discuss one-player, one-GM games.

031 – Real Issues at the Table

James Introcaso is joined by Sage Stafford, Rohit Sodhia, and Phil Collins to discuss how and when to use weighty issues of the real world at the table.

030 – Deathtrap Dungeons

James Introcaso chats with Jon Green, Dr. Davy Jones, Sersa Victory, and Ross about making great deathtrap dungeons.

029 – Writing for and Organizing Cons

James Introcaso chats with Paige Leitman and Ben Heisler about writing adventures and organizing conventions.

028 – The OSR

James Introcaso sits down with Greg Blair of Owlbear Hugs and Humza Kazmi of the Hydra Collective to discuss the OSR. What does it stand for? What is it?

027 – Railroading

James Introcaso chats with Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games and the NerdBurger podcast and Allison Rossi to discuss railroading in RPGs. Can this buzzword be a good thing?

026 – Season 7 of the D&D Adventurers League

James Introcaso sits down with the D&D Adventurers League Admins, Robert Adducci, Alan Patrick, Bill Benham, Travis Woodall, Greg Marks, and Claire Hoffman, to discuss Season 7 of organized...