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A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.

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186 – Matthew Whitby

James Introcaso chats with game designer Matthew Whitby about putting work on the DMs Guild. Support the show:

185 – Burn Bryte Burning Daylight

James Introcaso chats with Celeste Conowitch, Eugenio Vargas, and Naseem Etemad of the Roll20 Burn Bryte stream, Burning Daylight. Support the show:

184 – Morrus

James Introcaso chats with Morrus of EN World about his ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters and the Awfully Cheerful Engine! Support the show:

183 – Samwise Gamegee

James Introcaso chats with disability advocate, streamer, and game designer Samwise Gamgee. Support the show:

182 – Vince Smith on Intentional Design

James Introcaso talks with game designer, development editor, and consultant Vince Smith about intentional design and putting marginalized creators in positions of authority. Support the show:

181 – Daniel D. Fox of Zweihander on Marketing TTRPGs

James Introcaso talks with game designer Daniel D. Fox of the Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG about marketing roleplaying games. Support the show:

180 – Wretched & Alone

James Introcaso chats with Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders about the Wretched & Alone SRD and game jam. Wretched & Alone Table Top Babble Bundle: Support the show:...

179 – Fantastic Lairs

James Introcaso chats with Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Scott Fitzgerald Gray about their ongoing Kickstarter for Fantastic Lairs! Support the show:

178 – Scratticus Academy

James Introcaso chats with streamer Scrat, founder of Scratticus Academy! Support the show: