Tales From Mauxferry

Hosted ByJosh Long

Mauxferry is a large city. Biggest in the realm, in fact. And they say that in cities, the rats outnumber the people. Maybe they were talking about the four-legged kind, but the two-legged rats always cause more trouble.

Everybody is a rat, and they are smarter and quicker than the kitty cats that are employed to catch them. If you aren’t paying someone else off, chasing coin, or planning the next big score, then you’re either a fool or a priest. And half of them are part of the underworld too. Get in, get out, and live happily ever after. It’s a good plan. But in Mauxferry, nothing ever goes according to plan.

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s2e19 Costume Party Time

It’s happening! It’s happening! A proper costume party is happening! Dancing, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and the prospects of a “real party” involving drugs! What’s not to love?

s2e16 World Champion of Quarters

Friends are truly precious to have. Friends that are world champion of quarters… not so much or priceless. You decide!

s2e15 The Council of The Brilliant Trilliant

Who knew there was so much “official” work to be done for saint? Especially one has to establish a cult and answer to The Brilliant Trilliant!

Table Talk Session 5

Sit back and relax as we reflect upon Gerlach’s new family and sitcom. If you want to find out more about RollPlus Con check out RollPlusCon.com!

s2e14 The Name I Have

Everyone takes their name for granted. You are born with it, you can change it, you die with it. But what happens when you don’t have control of it?

s2e13 Claws Versus Laws

Who could have guessed that sweet Chewwy Wose Bewwy would have betrayed Nu-Ek? They will surely pay for it and Polyphony as well!