Actual Play

s2e34 Fairy Memaw

Another potential dragon rival bites the dust. Now it is time to slow things down, check up on old friends, set the new murder quota, and… Damn it Todd go home to your wife and child!

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The Return of the Cackler

This episode features two important and triumphant returns. First, the return of Amber and Kenny doing battle with each other on the ever-shifting planes of the multiverse! Second, and far more dreadfully, the return of a certain red/black mythic 1-drop uncommon…….

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Multiplayer Commander Finale: Overwatch Edition

This is it! The final episode of the series! Believe it or not, after countless board wipes and betrayals, this game actually has a winner. This episode features stanky looks, British alt rock band EMF, and more Thieving Amalgams than you can shake a stick at.

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