Actual Play

Ep 6 – Evil is as Evil Does – That Dead Bird

The Evil Doers ran into some trouble last time, and to be honest I almost thought we had lost someone. Now, in the aftermath of it all, the Evil Doers need to regroup themselves.

Ep 5 – Evil is as Evil Does – Dead Dead Dead

Even with the Evil Doers’ random choices of what to do, they have experienced success in one form or another in all of their endeavors so far. But as with all experiences in life (or games, for that matter), things will not always go your way.

Ep 4 – Evil is as Evil Does – Bardyguards

After the case of the chains last time, the Evil Doers have much to ponder. Or they would if it were not for other enticements, like the thieves guild connection they hoped to make. Will the Evil Doers find out more about the thieves guild, or will their own curiosity find another distraction?

Ep 0 – Evil is as Evil Does – LISTEN TO THIS FIRST

If this is your first time listening to Evil is as Evil Does I wanted to suggest you start at season 2.
The overall quality of the podcast has increased dramatically over the years and season 1 can be pretty rough compared to podcasts now and days.
If you love what you hear from season 2 of Evil is as Evil Does perhaps afterwards you can listen to season 1 or listen to Tales From Mauxferry which takes place in the same city.
Whatever you do thanks for listening!