Ep 10 – Evil is as Evil Does – Cat Butler

The Evil Doers have much to celebrate as well, with finishing a job for the thieves guild while continuing to deceive Skittles. However, they have barely scratched the surface of Mauxferry and are about to begin a journey they may wish they never had…

Ep 9 – Evil is as Evil Does – Party Boat

Through all the failure that was last episode, the Evil Doers seemed to have accomplished much, setting up some people for a double cross. Maybe they can stop being Skittles’ dogs and do something else instead.

Ep 8 – Evil is as Evil Does – The Most Evil

The Evil Doers seem to have pulled the sheets over Skittles’ eyes, but yet they are still working for him. Their plan for the new job seems a little bit more intricate than their previous plans. Will they pull it off? Will the pixie lose another 1000 gold? Or will something go wrong that no one could have predicted!?

Ep 7 – Evil is as Evil Does – Bounty Hunter Service

Events seem to have gone well for the Evil Doers last time, and a plan to deceive Skittles has been set in motion. However, there is much to do in Mauxferry than just talking and working for a fat halfling; there are people to meet, places to destroy, and gold to be spent!

Ep 6 – Evil is as Evil Does – That Dead Bird

The Evil Doers ran into some trouble last time, and to be honest I almost thought we had lost someone. Now, in the aftermath of it all, the Evil Doers need to regroup themselves.

Ep 5 – Evil is as Evil Does – Dead Dead Dead

Even with the Evil Doers’ random choices of what to do, they have experienced success in one form or another in all of their endeavors so far. But as with all experiences in life (or games, for that matter), things will not always go your way.

Ep 4 – Evil is as Evil Does – Bardyguards

After the case of the chains last time, the Evil Doers have much to ponder. Or they would if it were not for other enticements, like the thieves guild connection they hoped to make. Will the Evil Doers find out more about the thieves guild, or will their own curiosity find another distraction?

Ep 3 – Evil is as Evil Does – Two Pots

A minotaur, skulk, pixie, and despot walk into an inn… We all know what happens after that: something about children and Daisey, and something about bodies in a basement. But now the question is what follows that joke?

Ep 1 – Evil is as Evil Does – Welcome to Mauxferry

What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil”?