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Stories and Soapboxes

What was the greatest moment, the highest high of the Magic storyline? We tackle this question, and we dive into Cary Thomas Beckett’s article, “One Year Forsaken: How to Rebuild Magic Story.”

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Multiplayer Commander Part I: Wormtongue

We’re jumping into a new series of actual play, this time a 3-player Commander free-for-all! As you would expect from multiplayer Commander, this turned into quite the sprawling game, so we’ll be releasing the game in parts. This first episode of the series leans heavy on the politics side of Commander. Whose machinations and whispers from the shadows will put them ahead early?

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Five Point Palm Exploding Squirrel Technique

This episode features the return of both Seth and Modern Horizons drafting, more shameless rare-drafting, David Carradine, and ten pounds of squirrel in a nine pound bag.

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