s2e7 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 4 – Evil Strikes Back

With their abode and sense of safety damaged The Evil Doers contemplate unique solutions on how to get revenge. What will come of it is the probably their most obvious solution. Gerlach does some face sculpting. Malanna becomes a flying artillery. Nu-Ek holds the line and then decides to stop. Brimstone questions the ability to kill all. Azrael… is a great evil support all around.

s2e6 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 3 – Silent Fire

The Evil Doers has pumped their captive for information and were on a roll. However, what’s this, they can’t hear anything now, this can’t bode well. Brimstone losses all senses except fire. Nu-Ek shows the family how business is done. Malanna adds to the fire. Gerlach is the Kobe Bryant of assassins. Azrael does some bank transactions.

s2e5 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 2 – A Golden Interrogation

The Evil Doers have hit rock bottom. That just means that only place to go is up! With two members of The Thieves Guild in their possession that is totally where they are going, right? Gerlach does some gold sculpting. Azrael tends to his demonic captive. Malanna questions until she can’t question no more. Brimstone makes sure people are honest. Nu-Ek gets the family involved.

s2e4 Thieves Guild Revenge Part 1 – Ice Jesus

With the dust finally settled it is time for The Evil Doers to hightail it out of there and turn in the loot to get paid. However, it seems that someone has been keeping tabs on The Evil Doers and is about to pay them a visit. Azrael talks with his Ice Jesus. Malanna gets attacked right were it hurts. Gerlach finally stops putting on his makeup. Brimstone really wants to touch something. Nu-Ek can not stop thinking about walking.

s2e3 Evil Target Acquired

With Kreigor “saved” and Asmodeus taken care of The Evil Doers can now claim their prize for saving the day… Warning incoming long battle episode! Azrael attracts some unwanted attention. Gerlach pretends to be a little girl. Nu-Ek speaks his mind about being called a cow. Brimstone gets accustomed to punching things. Malanna gets up close and personal with the ground.

s2e2 Evil Debt is Paid

With half of Tony’s competition gone The Evil Doers should have no problem sealing the win for Tony at the Golden Dragon Festival. However, not all is right with The Evil Doers one of them has a large debt they still need to pay… Nu-Ek takes on an old nemesis. Malanna finally figures out the identity of said nemesis. Azrael helps a fellow worshiper. Gerlach sees through an illusion. A new Evil Doer appears in front the party!