The Groucho & Gambo Exchange

s2e24 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Epilogue

Having successfully robbed one of the biggest banks in Mauxferry it is now time for The Evil Doers to figure out what they have. Nu-Ek goes for a cleansing swim. Gerlach continues down his conspiracy path. Azrael talks with nature. Malanna makes some business plans. Brimstone meets a cohort of The Evil Doers for the first time.

s2e22 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Chapter 6

Treasure in hand, aggressively cleaned, and two vaults to go The Evil Doers enter into a strange vault. Nu-Ek attempts to befriend a troll. Gerlach plays in a corner wondering what’s going on. Brimstone talks buttons. Azrael follows along. Malanna is reminded of crazier times.

s2e20 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Chapter 4

The Evil Doers are on a roll and on their way down deeper into the vaults at a very high velocity and now out of control. Nu-Ek takes control of the situation. Azrael contemplates someone’s butt. Brimstone fights water with fire. Gerlach continues to disgust. Malanna suffers.

s2e19 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Chapter 3

The Evil Doers feeling elated that they solved “one of Josh’s puzzle” go charging into the next vault where something more destructive awaits. Nu-Ek feels ghost balls. Malanna translates some strange ruins. Gerlach looks for his stapler. Brimstone keeps an eye out for change. Azrael has his druidhood questioned.

s2e18 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Chapter 2

A vault door cracked, one guard room defeated, The Evil Doers just have six more rooms to go! Hopefully The Evil Doers can get at least one room solved in a recording, o wait…

s2e17 The Groucho & Gambo Exchange – Chapter 1

Having delivered the payload and gotten paid The Evil Doers now follow Nu-Ek right into a bank heist! Azrael corrodes metal by peeing on it. Brimstone finds a clue. Malanna wishes she was an alchemist. Nu-Ek runs into an old acquaintance. Gerlach uses his x-ray powers.