The Warren of Petal Grove – Introduction

Welcome to The Warren of Petal Grove! A new actual play ttrpg ran and produced by Amber for the Geekspective network.

This episode is an introduction to the game and setting. If you are interested in the basic mechanics of The Warren and the show’s premise, please listen.

These will be streamed live on (show times will vary), the vods uploaded to the Geekspecitve YouTube channel, and then time-wise split in half and released as a podcast every Friday.

Please follow Amber on twitter @rocketorca or @geekspective for times, news, and updates on the show.

The Warren is by Marshall Miller and published by Bully Pulpit Games.


Painful Disorientation by Kevin MacLeod

Transition One by Kevin MacLeod

Serene by Kevin MacLeod

Reaching Out by Kevin MacLeod


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