207 – Steve Kenson

Today on the show John talks with Steve Kenson, an incredibly prolific game designer, writer and novelist.

After getting his start writing for RPGs in the ‘90s as a fan on Shadowrun, Steve has gone on to work on a slew of superhero RPGs, including writing for Aberrant and Silver Age Sentinels, and creating Mutants & Masterminds, DC Adventures and Icons Superhero Roleplaying.

He has also worked on or designed games including Crimson Skies, True 20, Blue Rose, Dragon Age, Fantasy AGE and Modern Age, and Pathfinder.

He is a staff designer for Green Ronin Publishing and is a publisher of Neopagan and New Age books, through Copper Cauldron Publishing. His next projects are lead designer for an updated version of Aberrant for Onyx Path and a 5e sourcebook for the Blue Rose setting for Green Ronin. 


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