218 – Table Top Spotlight – Quest

NEW MUSIC, what?! That’s right this is the first episode of the show inside the show: Table Top Spotlight!

Amber and Kenny discuss and give an in depth review of the TTRPG Quest!

The show structure is as follows:

Game Introduction
First Impression
Game Overview
Character Creation
Game Master Section
UX & Layout

These episodes are recorded live on Geekspective’s Twitch channel and this one aired February 24th of 2021. If you missed it live, you can go to Geekspective’s YouTube channel to check it out and see the sweet Google Slide presentation Amber put together for it. And if you want access to those slides, you can become a patron of Geekspectve at patreon.com/geekspective.

Get Quest here: www.adventure.game!

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