s2e1 Cooking with Evil

Evil is as Evil Does Podcast Seasons 2

Evil never rests or perhaps for just a few months. However, no more! The Evil Doers and Josh are back with the second season of Evil is as Evil Does! Nu-Ek gets a letter from an old friend. Azrael has an encounter with The Dairy Queen. Malanna chops off a foot. Gerlach declares his hatred for crackers.

Push Play, or download, below to hear nasty evil!

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Hunter: The Reckoning podcast by Evil is as Evil Does at Geekspective.com. Actual play podcast. Dungeons and Dragons podcast will continue once this series is over!

2 comments on “s2e1 Cooking with Evil

  1. malkavianmadman says:

    At first I honestly thought this was some sort of weird in character cooking show. Can’t wait for the rest of Season 2!

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