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This week is jam fucking packed people. I mean it. We start picking cards at like the two minute mark because we have so much shit to discuss. We’re debuting a brand new segment, wherein we discuss everyone’s favorite instant that costs UU. Is it good for the game? Is it an unholy abomination that will cost you friends, careers, and the sweet taste of a life well lived? Guess you’ll just have to tune in to find out won’t you ;))))))

Join us every week for more fan-fucking-tastic Magic content! WE’RE BUILDING DECKS PRETTY SOON GUYS.

You can find Amber on twitter @rocketorca and Kenny on twitter @Volfmyr.

Push play or download. We don’t have Force Spike up. Promise ;)))))

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“Danse Macabre – Violin Hook” Kevin MacLeod ( 

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