Amber Marie

238 – Scott Kurtz

Today on the show Kenny talked with Scott Kurtz, creator of PVP, Table Titans, and Binwin Bronzebottom of Acquisitions Incorporated fame. Scott’s been playing D&D since it’s been a thing and he spends basically every waking moment of his sentience thinking about storytelling. They sat down on June 11th and chatted about the history of roleplaying, comics, and collaboration.

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237 – Fat Magic – A 5E Campaign

Today on the show Amber chatted with editor and writer, Shane Ormond.

They sat down on July 11th and Shane shared his experience with maybe the most bizarre business venture Amber has  personally ever heard from someone she knows. Then they got into Fat Magic: a 5e campaign set in a world saturated by delicious and dangerous food magic.

They talked about the inception of the campaign; how it was born from the pandemic, burn out, and missing the ability to share a meal with his DnD group. As of this episode release, Fat Magic is live on Kickstarter and it’s also a project Amber is contributing to as a graphic designer.

Go to to check it out!

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236 – Storybrewers Roleplaying

Today on the show Kenny talked with Vee and Hayley of Storybrewers Roleplaying. They are the designers of many fabulous games; in particular, they designed Good Society, which is a TTRPG in the style of a Jane Austen novel. They sat down on June 9th and chatted about the dynamic of their writing, the tightrope between specific design and flexible design, and of course, scandalous romances spied from remote library windows.

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235 – WebDM – Weird Wastelands

Today on the show Amber chatted with GMs, game designers/writers, and advicemongers, Jim and Pruitt of WebDM.

They sat down on June 8th and Jim and Pruitt shared how WebDM got started, what kinds of advice they give in the gaming sphere, they also were kind enough to give me some advice, and of course they chatted about Worlds of Web DM: Weird Wastelands a toolkit for 5e that can also be used for other systems that focuses on exploration! As of this episode airing there are 12 days left on their Kickstarter! Go check it out!

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234 – Momatoes – ARC

Today on the show Amber chats with graphic designer, artist, and game designer from the Phillipines, Momatoes.

They sat down on June 2nd and discussed getting into art, the draw to graphic design, and got into ARC; Momatoes ttrpg that’s rules-light and tension-heavy, where heroes defy the cruel Doomsday Clock to save their world from a looming apocalypse. She shared her design goals for the game, the changes and process she went through, and of course the wonderful art and design she created and used to build the book. It’s a truly beautiful piece of work that as of this episode airing has 9 days left on the Kickstarter.

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233 – Amr Ammourazz

Today on the show Amber chatted with streamer, podcaster, and game designer Amr Ammourazz.

They sat down on May 24th and talked about running games for the first time, their experiences with Pathfinder, getting into TTRPGs via podcasts, of course there was more Marvel talk and social issues being told through stories, Chimera RPG a game they are working and the activism they are currently focusing on. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of opportunity to showcase their punmanship which Amber deeply regrets not providing for them.

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232 – Drakoniques

Today on the show Amber chatted with TTRPG streamer, cofounder and event organiser of Friends Who Roll Dice, and the stream manager of One More Multiverse, Drak!

They sat down on May 21st and talked about his love of role playing games, representation in actual play streams, coming out of their shells, how Drak loves the audience interaction of streams and playing as villains. He also chatted about getting into streaming TTRPGs and how much he’s grown in the space over the last year! So many games, so many shows! And he shared what it means to be a Stream manager and gave some tips & advice on Streaming!

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231 – Tracy Barnett – You Are The Dungeon

Today on the show Amber chatted with designer, consultant, and editor Tracy Barnett. They sat down on May 19th and talked about Tracy’s journey becoming a full-time freelancer, self promotion and marketing, a little bit about gatekeeping in RPGS, learning how to create graphics and layout, and of course their game You Are The Dungeon a single-player journaling experience that puts you in the role of a living, sentient dungeon. Which as of this episodes air date, has 6 days left on its Kickstarter.

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230 – Caro Asercion

Today on the show Amber had a lovely chat with game designer and visual artist Caro Asercion. 

They  sat down on May 10th and talked about getting into TTRPGs via actual play podcasts, finding design prompts on Tumblr, game jams on, environmental storying telling, and Caro’s games like “I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic?”

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