Bringing Owls to Athens

Bringing Owls to Athens is a lot like getting a piece of Dorito stuck in your gums behind your teeth. It’s painful and embarrassing, but you’ll be eager for more in a couple of weeks. Dave and Amber used to get lunch and crack each other up. Now, they record those same amusing, insightful, and sometimes inappropriate conversations and invite you to share in their ridiculousness. Pull up a chair, open up a bag of cool ranch, and dig in!

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23 – Staying in the Nest

Amber and Dave reflect on a long year spent quarantining indoors. We aren’t sure that we want to go back out into the world, at least in the ways that we used to. While owls don’t normally hibernate, we are willing to make an exception!

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22 – Glorpong

This week, Amber and Dave welcome a guest into the studio. They’ve never had a guest before, and their first one is a big one. Glorpong is an alien from another galaxy who traveled to Earth as an infant in a spaceship made from Doritos. 

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21 – Morel Madness

This week, Amber shows Dave a bizarre and primitive fan site dedicated to Larry ‘Tree’ Lonik. They discuss fandoms and doing what you love, which leads to a discussion of unhealthy social media habits. 

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20 – Workplace Theft

Amber hides the dream gold that she stole from work in the lake of mayonnaise on Dave’s butt, which is guarded by a cursed fish. Amber creates a magical altar of fat.

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19 – Amber’s Three Step Plan for Success

On this week’s episode, Amber creates a life philosophy for us all. Dave and an internet fish both have a vaguely recognizable human face. Amber gets honest about cannibalism. 

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18 – Tonight On A Very Special Owls

Content Warning: Suicidal Ideations. The jokes are really light this week, y’all. Dave and Amber discuss the hiatus and exactly how Dave’s life imploded. 

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17 – The Rehootening

Together, Amber and Dave grow along the path of life’s long journey and buy new underwear. Amber updates Dave on the condition of her head and fingers. Dave finds a chimera monster that proves that the movie Annihilation is real. 

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16 – Owlvember

Content Warning: Self Harm. Amber starts off with a joking request for Vampire Doctor Dave, but it turns into a real discussion about how to overcome the effects of her anxiety. In the vein of self improvement, Dave and Amber come up with their own creative prompt list for Owlvember.

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15 – The Human Body is a Nightmare

Disclaimer: There is a lot of body talk in this episode; sweat, hair, Morgellons. Then there is quite the nose dive into NSFW territory. A new segment, Pickle Time, is introduced.

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