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Bad Cards? Bad You!

What are the worst Magic cards ever made? Why were they made? And is it actually true that bad cards are a necessary part of TCGs? This episode features Cephalids, Amber’s latest podcast recommendations, and a bad goblin mom.

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221 – Tyler Crumrine – Possible Worlds Games

Today on the show Amber chatted with TTRPG editor, contributor, and designer Tyler Crumrine who is the founder of the company Possible Worlds Games!

Tyler comes from a theatre background where he specializes in Impossible Plays and of course Amber is now obsessed with that concept and genre.

They sat down on March 10th and discussed his first game Beak, Feather, Bone and how its success and reception pushed him along to building Possible Worlds where on March 23rd 2020,  his Kickstarter for a micro-RPG subscription box will be live!

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220 – Austin

Today on the show Amber chatted with freelance game writer & designer, TTRPG streamer, and podcaster Austin who also happens to be a therapist for their day job! If you listened to the Banana-Chan episode then y’all know that you should be following Austin.

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Paint With All the Colors – Cube Trilogy 5.2

Kenny’s up a match with WUBRG Urza, but now he must face down Veronica’s as of yet untested Selesnya build. This episode features Hamilton lyrics, actual miracles, Fastbond combos, and accusations of foul play.

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s2e41 The God of Pizza and Taxes

After a very odd encounter with Oorla, The Waxing Moon it is time to deal with the issues he couldn’t cover. One of them involves a pizza party and knives…

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219 – Bee Zelda

Today on the show Amber chatted with Roleplayer, Game Master, Streamer, and Podcaster Bee Zelda! You may know them from the all woman and non-binary DnD podcast The Broadswords or Roll20’s Indie Showcase or one of the other many Actual Play streams and podcasts they’ve played in or guested on. And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check them out! 

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Snowbody Better

Who’s ready for two blatantly unrelated MTG topics?? Today we’re discussing Snow (the supertype, that is) and improving (at Magic, that is). This episode features woeful unpreparedness, a thrice-banned card, and Amber absolutely beating Kenny’s ass.

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26 – Happy Rodent Times

This week, Dave and Amber discuss rodents in their various forms. As pets, protein, and prognosticators. Dave has quarantine guinea pigs (hawgs for those who like their pigs more vicious) and participates in a Groundhog Day ceremony. Amber has a litany of sad pets and critiques her dad’s shooting accuracy.

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