Evil is as Evil Does Season 2

Hosted ByJosh Long

Evil is as Evil Does is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that follows a group of evil adventurers as they go about spreading “evil” in the megalopolis of Mauxferry. While evil may be their intent, the outcome typically has unintended, but hilarious, consequences. After all, what can you expect from a minotaur, skulk, pixie, tiefling, and half red dragon?

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s2e46 Enemy of my Enemy Part 6 – Eye on the Prize

The party split among the crowd can only lead to good thing. However, The Evil Doers will need to keep their eye on the prize to get out alive with what they want.

s2e41 Enemy of my Enemy Part 1 – Lets Talk

Limbs grown back, a dead “friend” raised to serve again, and freaky druid love gotten The Evil Doers must heed the call of “Freak”, angry dwarves, and others…

s2e40 a/s/l?

Having lost a dear friend The Evil Doers practice being internet trolls and regrow some special limbs.