Evil is as Evil Does Season 2

Hosted ByJosh Long

Evil is as Evil Does is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that follows a group of evil adventurers as they go about spreading “evil” in the megalopolis of Mauxferry. While evil may be their intent, the outcome typically has unintended, but hilarious, consequences. After all, what can you expect from a minotaur, skulk, pixie, tiefling, and half red dragon?

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s2e38 St Prothadius Part 10 – Escape the Kraken

What happens when a dimension collapses down upon you? You and The Evil Doers will find out in the finale of the St. Prothadius arc!

s2e37 St Prothadius Part 9 – A Legendary Move

The Evil Doers have went hostile in a dimension they do not control. Needless to say the outcome of the battle is something not even the DM predicted!

s2e33 St Prothadius Part 5 – Stopped Oral

Having lost many limbs and solved part of the puzzle the hard way The Evil Doers continue to try to solve the puzzle of the stone gallery.

s2e31 St Prothadius Part 3 – Ghostbusters

Deep in the catacombs The Evil Doers find something of interest and then are persuaded to ascend. Azrael makes a Pegasus doing something… special. Brimstone sees dead people. Gerlach climbs the walls with regret. Malanna sees regret of the past. Nu-Ek wants to run, run now.

s2e30 St. Prothadius Part 2 – Blind Tricks

Having breached the doors of St. Prothadius The Evil Doers now explore its crypts. Gerlach plays tricks on the blind. Nu-Ek sees something cool. Malanna is the taskmaster of them all. Azrael talks up man that doesn’t care. Brimstone jumps on in.