Red Mage Blue Mage

Hosted ByKenny & Amber

Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Mirror Match | Cube Draft Gameplay

Kenny and Matt engage in a battle of wits in a Winston Cube Draft, student versus master. But with two players siphoning that sweet, sweet blue juice, what will our protagonists do?

Filthy Casuals Review Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

In Filthy Casuals Review, Kenny and Seth play a game where they try to predict how Magic professionals (Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas from Limited Resources) will grade all the new cards from the latest set, in this case Strixhaven. Today we see how we did and talk in depth about the cards we diverged on, as well as the lessons we learned | Review begins (9:15)

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms—Is It Good? | Magic Chat

Magic players seem divided on whether the upcoming D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set is cool or not; Amber and Kenny are here to decide (19:58) | Then, they pick their Top 3 favorite cards from the set (1:00)

The Death of Pro Magic | Magic Chat

Wizards of the Coast cut the Magic World Championship prize pool by 75%, from $1 million to $250,000—um, what the fuck? (37:09) | Also, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms spoiler season (1:40)