Red Mage Blue Mage

Hosted ByKenny & Amber

Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Oooooo, baby, it’s a wild worldddd~! Amber and Kenny throw down in the gladiatorial pits of Cube once more. Amber is rocking Abzhan Eldrazi combo, while Kenny is juicing up his classic Esper Bullshit with some saucy little pieces of equipment.

Filthy Casuals Review Strixhaven

In Filthy Casuals Review, Kenny and Seth play a game where they try to predict how Magic professionals (Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas from Limited Resources) will grade all the new cards from the latest set, in this case Strixhaven. Today we see how we did and talk in depth about the cards we diverged on, as well as the lessons we learned.

Universes Beyond Is Fine

It is a brave new world, indeed my friends. Magic is now gathering entire franchises into itself like a perverse corporate Katamari. A Korporatmari. It’s the end of Magic and the end of the world if you listen to some people. It’s also fine if you listen to us.

Really Thick Fucking Calves

This episode is a beautiful embodiment of Crime and Punishment. Today Amber and Kenny were supposed to pick 3 of the worst mechanics or keywords of all time. Someone did not come prepared (bonus points if you can guess who!). But not to worry, dear listener. This vile fiend was then served instant justice with an MTG vocab quiz.

Ignite Your AllSpark

Join us as we look forward to MTG’s take on the wizard school archetype with the upcoming set, Strixhaven. This episode features irrational hatred of elephants, discussion of terminology changes, and debate about Optimus Prime.

By the Book – Cube Trilogy 5.3

It’s the last episode of the trilogy. Matt Vs Veronica. Husband Vs Wife. Tensions are high. Rations are low. Pride is on the line and massive edits are made. Tune in for the most charged Combat Phase to date!

Bad Cards? Bad You!

What are the worst Magic cards ever made? Why were they made? And is it actually true that bad cards are a necessary part of TCGs? This episode features Cephalids, Amber’s latest podcast recommendations, and a bad goblin mom.

Paint With All the Colors – Cube Trilogy 5.2

Kenny’s up a match with WUBRG Urza, but now he must face down Veronica’s as of yet untested Selesnya build. This episode features Hamilton lyrics, actual miracles, Fastbond combos, and accusations of foul play.

Snowbody Better

Who’s ready for two blatantly unrelated MTG topics?? Today we’re discussing Snow (the supertype, that is) and improving (at Magic, that is). This episode features woeful unpreparedness, a thrice-banned card, and Amber absolutely beating Kenny’s ass.